The main objective of this unique Islamic Institute is to cater for the ever growing needs and demands of the Muslim population based in the U.K. We aim to develop and produce Ulama (Islamic scholars), Imams, Khateebs, and individuals to propagate this noble religion.


Our students will comprehensively cover the works of many of the major and important classical and contemporary Islamic scholars and leading thinkers. This will produce individuals with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of Islam and provide an insight and basic understanding of the various Islamic sciences.


Upon graduation the students will become a central component in their communities helping to resolve the many great issues faced by Muslims living in Western societies.


A summary of the key objectives of the Institute are outlined below:


• Producing and developing Ulama (Islamic scholars), Imams and Khateebs


through a curriculum based on authentic and classical Islamic works.


• Training of Da’ees


• Encouraging individuals to become leading and active members of their


local communities


• Promote community cohesion.